I Thessalonians 5:20, 21

Do not despise expounding of scripture, but scrutinize all things. Hold fast that which is right.

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

- I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.


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Friday, December 15, 2006

Holocaust Conference in Iran

Iran just held it's Holocaust Conference December 11 and 12, 2006. Dubbed "Holocaust: A Global Vision,' 67 scholars from 30 countries around the world attended. Both views of the holocaust were represented - the widespread but diminishing historical view - and those who hold a 'revisionist' view based upon the latest evidence available to objective scholars. Those with a revisionist view continue to investigate, research and question certain aspects of the traditional historical view of the Holocaust.

“The aim of this conference is not to deny or confirm the Holocaust,” Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said in a welcome address. “Its main aim is to create an opportunity for thinkers who cannot express their views freely in Europe about the Holocaust.”

Notice where the Holocaust Conference is being held - Iran. Although Iran is not usually held up as a bastion of free speech - those who wish to freely exercise their divgerent thoughts on the Holocaust must do so in Iran, as they certainly can not do so in the European countries of Germany, Austria, Canada, France or even the United States, which tauts itself around the world for its freedoms - including the freedom to express opinions about any topic - even such a controversial topic such as the Holocaust.

In fact, the United States, on the pretext of immigration violations, deported Ernst Zundel to Canada, where he sat for nearly two years in solitary confinement for being an alleged 'national security' risk. On March 1, 2005 Zundel was deported from Canada to Germany to face trial for remarks Zundel allegedly made, according to Mark Weber of the Insitute for Historical research, http://www.ihr.org, on a web site run by his American wife and hosted in the United States, where such are marks are perfectly legal. Zundel has been charged with inciting 'hatred' and for writing or disributing texts that “approve, deny or play down” genocidal actions carried out by Germany’s wartime regime, and which “denigrate the memory of the [Jewish] dead.” The 67 year old Zundel now sits in a prison cell in Mannheim Germany for his thoughts about the Holocaust awaiting the out come of his trial. Zundel has spent three years of his life behind bars for his thoughts, without having been convicted of a crime. So much for freedom of speech in the United States, Canada and Germany.

While a doctorate candidate at the prestigious Max Planck Institute, Germur Rudolf carried out a series of investigations into the alleged gassings at the Auschwich-Birkenau camps, and for a variety of scientific reasons, came to the conclusion that the gassings could not have occurred. After the publication, in 1993, of his findings, again according to Mark Weber at the IHR, Rudolf was dismissed from the institute, and a court in Stuttgart ruled that his report “denies the systematic mass murder of the Jewish population in gas chambers,” and therefore constitutes “popular incitement,” “incitement to racial hatred,” and “defamation.”

Before serving his sentence of 14 months, the youthful Rudulf fled Germany and eventually ended up in the United States. In October 2005, Rudolf was arrested in Chicago and deported to Germany to serve out his original sentence, leaving behind his wife and young daughter in the United States. He is also to be tried in Mannheim, Germany for more 'recent' crimes. His latest trial started in November 2006.

The Iranian conference was condemned by Israel's prime minister Ehud Olmert as a "sick phenomenon." Arresting and imprisoning professionals who disagree with you Mr. Olmert, isn't a 'sick phenomenon?' Despite the unambiguous statement made by Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki at the outset of the conference, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated that the conference hosted by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with the sole purpose of denying the Holocaust is an offence to all Canadians." Denying the holocaust wasn't the sole purpose of the conference Mr. Prime Minister. The sole purpose is to allow freedom of speech on a topic your country doesn't allow. I seriously doubt that the Prime Minister of Canada speaks for 'all Canadians' on most topics, much less one as controversial as the holocaust. British Prime Minister Tony Blair denounced the two-day conference, as "shocking beyond belief" and "a symbol of sectarianism and hatred toward people of another religion." How is it showing 'hatred toward people of another religion' to examine whether what we've been told time-after-time for 60 years is true or not? And since you brought up sectarianism, why is it we get told about the alleged six million Jews killed during WWII, but not about how many Americans were killed, or Russians, or Belgians? Their lives didn't matter? The German parliament's president, Norbert Lammert, protested the conference in a letter to Ahmadinejad and dismissed it as 'anti-Semitic propaganda.' Why is it not anti-Christian, and certainly not a hate crime, to deny that Christ even existed, but automatically 'anti-Semitic propaganda' to question the validity of the claims made by a minority of Zionist Jews as to what happened during WWII? The conference shows an 'utter disregard of historically established facts,' said Franco Frattini, the EU's top justice official. Well, Mr. Frattini, that is what the conference is all about isn't it? examining these 'historically established facts.' If these are indeed facts, those of you who think they are 'established' have nothing to worry about, do you?

Participants of the Iranian international conference on holocaust, agreed to establish a world foundation for holocaust studies and unanimously appointed Mohammad-Ali Ramin as its secretary general. According to the Islamic Republic News Agency, "one of the plans of the foundation is to assign a committee to find out the truth about holocaust. The participants of the conference representing 30 countries also selected five individuals as members of the central council of this foundation to assist the secretary general in executive affairs," added Ramin.

He noted that the main office of the world foundation for holocaust studies will be in Tehran, but once that proper grounds are prepared, the office may eventually be moved to Berlin.

Two sayings one hears quite often and more frequently of late and that I have grown downright weary of enduring are, "If you've got nothing to hide, what's the problem?" And "I've got nothing to hide, so what's the problem?"

If the Zionists and the holocaust propagandists have nothing to hide, what's the problem with a little discussion? I, for one, am looking forward to the outcomes of any future conferences on the holocaust.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ADL Says Sea-Tac Decision " wrong and painful and damaging to the Jewish community."

How was Sea-Tac's decision to remove the Christmas trees from the airport terminal after being threatened with legal action by a lone rabbi "wrong and painful....to the Jewish community?" Damaging to the Jewish community perhaps, because it showed how demanding and unreasonable some of their members are, but any wrongness and pain involved was towards those who celebrate Christmas, and not the 'Jewish community.' http://tinyurl.com/y4laaa

The anti-defamation league issued a press release which among other things said this:
"The Anti-Defamation League believes the decision by the Port of Seattle to remove Christmas trees from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was misguided. The decision should be reversed, and the trees should be restored. The Port of Seattle should also show respect for the Jewish community by allowing Chabad to display their menorah."

The decision by Sea-tac officials was misguided? Who should they have sought guidance from - the ADL? The officials did what they felt they had to do under the current ADL guided thought control of 'tolerance' and 'political correctness.'

"The Port Authority should also show respect for the Jewish Community by allowing Chabad to display their menorah," states ADL. Americans are celebrating Christmas, not Hannakuh. And if we're going to be expected to show respect for the Jewish community, which represents approximately 2% of the American community, by showing a menorah, perhaps Sea-Tac should allow Chabad display a menorah in direct porportion to the Jewish proportion of the American population as a whole - 2%. The size of a Christmas trees, from the pictures shown of the trees removed, looked to be about eight feet or 96" tall. That would allow a menorah 1.9 inches tall.

"The Port of Seattle's decision and the adverse and incorrect publicity that followed has led to a surge of anti-Semitism, including hundreds of hate mail messages directed against the rabbi who sought permission for the menorah display."

Anti-Semitism? Enough already with playing the victim. Complaining about one lone rabbi causing at least 80% of the population to bow to the demands of a lone representative of 2% of the population is not anti-Semitism. It is expressing that many of the rest of us have had enough of this male cow dung and are not going to cave into the demands of such a small minority among us any more, no matter how how many times we are labeled anti-Semitic.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sea-Tac Airport Threatened by Rabbi

Let me make it clear from the onset, I don't celebrate Christmas or erect evergreen trees during the 'holiday season.' I do not believe Christ-mass is a legitmate part of Christianity. I only comment on this lone rabbi threatening officials at a major US airport with legal action if his ridiculous demands are not met during the busiest travel season of the year because it reveals so well how upside-down the United States has become. We've got minorities telling the rest of us how it is going to be.

From an article posted on http://www.king5.com/localnews/stories/NW_120906WABxmastreesEL.11b0d0cc.html#

"SEA-TAC Airport - All 15 Christmas trees inside the terminal at Sea-Tac have been removed in response to a complaint by a rabbi.

A local rabbi wanted to install an 8-foot menorah and have a public lighting ceremony. He threatened to sue if the menorah wasn’t put up, and gave a two-day deadline to remove the trees.

Sea-Tac public affairs manager Terri-Ann Betancourt said the trees that adorn the Sea-Tac upper and lower levels may not properly represent all cultures.

She said that since this is their busiest time of year and they don't have time to add a fair representation of all cultures, her department decided to take down all of the decorations, review their policies, and decide if they need to make a change for next year."

The United States of America was founded as a 'Christian' nation as opposed to a Jewish nation or a Hindu nation or a Buddhist nation. Adherents to the Jewish faith make up roughly 2% of the US population, Muslims roughly 2%, atheists less than 1% and Buddhists less than .05%. Given those proportions, why should the officials of Sea Tac feel the need to 'give fair representation to all cultures," ie. faiths, when it comes to celebrating a relgious holiday? Christians make up about 2% of the population of the Jewish state of Israel and yet we don't see the Christians in Israel demanding Jewish officials erect a Christmas tree at Tel-Aviv aiport or the Jewish officials caving in to them either.

Why is it that less than 2% of the population thinks that they have the right to change the cultural religious practices of a majority of the population? Where did they get this right? Is it because this lone rabbi thinks he is superior to the other roughly 85% of the population and that he, as a minority, should not only have the right to display his manorah, but to threaten the rest of the population with legal action if his demands are not met? Let's get real here. Where does this rabbi get this arrogant demanding attitude? Since when does 2% of the population make demands and issue threats to the majority if his demands aren't met?

And what right does this lone rabbi, a member of 2% of the population, get the idea that he has the right to demand display of his Jewish symbol in a predominately Christian nation during their Christian celebrations?

It isn't enough that Americans are paying for a war and losing lives to protect the Jewish state of Israel from the countless enemies they have made in the Middle East, but now some lone Jewish rabbi is telling the rest of us we can't celebrate our holidays in the traditional manner, just like Sea-Tac had done for the last ten years? Perhaps it is actions such as this rabbi's that has made Jewish people so many enemies in so many nations.

May I suggest to that lone rabbi that if he doesn't like our traditional Christian religious celebrations here in the States, that he catch the next plane out of Sea-Tac non-stop to Jerusalem and take his eight foot manorah with him? We'll even give you a two-day deadline.