I Thessalonians 5:20, 21

Do not despise expounding of scripture, but scrutinize all things. Hold fast that which is right.

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

- I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check Point Check


Video is 28 minutes - and records how border partrol agents treat this particular American when he is stopped at a check point and refuses to let border patrol agents search his car without a search warrant. The person being detained is not at the border. He is told that the Constitution does not apply within 100 miles of the border. Listen for the words "outside the norm."


Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Recession is Getting Worse, Not Better



"We are now in uncharted territory - new home starts have never fallen to these levels for as long as the Commerce Department has been tracking this data (since 1959). Note also the magnitude of the drop - it is unprecedented, having easily surpassed the 1982 collapse, the present circumstances have now become slightly worse than the 1973-75 fall."

We are being told there are "green shoots" appearing in the economy, "light at the end of the tunnel," and the recession is "easing."

We are being told lies.

The economy is headed for a depression. Worse than anybody alive today has experienced. I went through the recession of 1973-1976, the post Vietnam inflationary period that led Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volker to raise interest rates to 21% in 1981. Which in turn led to the downfall of the Carter administration and the deep recession [16 months] of 1981-1983. I also went through the recession of 1991-1994. During these times, it was difficult to earn a living and support my family as a self-employed entrepreneur.

This depression will be much worse. It will be longer, and deeper. And it was planned to be so.

The criminals destroying the US economy are not simply making "mistakes" on a grand scale. They are implementing a plan to take down the US economy and the United States as we know it along with it. Those who have devised this plan have installed a well groomed Marxist known to most as Barack Obama, but his real name is Barry Soetoro. He is not a "natural born" citizen as required by the US Constitution, but a Kenyan and possibly even an illegal alien. We can't know for sure, because the governor of Hawaii has ordered Barry Soetoro's vault copy of his registration of live birth to be sealed and has prohibited access to anyone for any purpose.
World Net Daily

As the government types are so fond of saying, "if you've got nothing to hide, what's the problem?" Barry Soetoro obviously has something to hide. He has reportedly spent at least $800,000 dollars to prevent his birth certificate, something you or I have to produce to even get our children on the soccer team, from being released to the public. Consequently, there is no way we can confirm that Barry Soetoro is a "natural born" citizen and eligible to be president.

Frauds such as these are being perpetrated on the American people on almost a daily basis. But most Americans want to believe these lies. The lie is more palatable than the truth. As Robert Chapman says, most people believe the lies the government tells them because "they are incapable of thinking the unthinkable."
It's much easier to simply label those who tell the truth, known as the "truthers" as "nut cases," "negative," "doomsayers" and "conspiracy theorists." Anything to avoid having to deal with reality.

"None call for justice, nor do any plead for truth: they trust in vanity and speak lies: they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity."
Isaiah 59:4

The good news is, perhaps, and I say perhaps, with the depression deepening and affecting more people in the one area that usually gets people's attention, a blow to their wallet's, the sheople will finally wake up.

There is no question that Wall Street, banking and government have betrayed the American people. The question is how long will it be before Americans forcibly take their government back?

Robert Chapman International Forecaster


Friday, April 24, 2009

WWII Jewish Survivor Cavity Searched by Israel Security


Everyone is a terrorist.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed by DHS




Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shattering Consensus Reality About 9/11

Danish television is giving serious media exposure to the scientists who have found nano thermite in the dust of the World Trade towers, including the little known Building 7 that collapsed without being hit by a jetliner.


"19 Arabs with box cutters" is a conspiracy theory given credence by Consensus Reality, when in fact, that "tin foil hat nutter" theory has virtually no supporting evidence.

Niels Harrit, Farrer, Jones and Ryan, et al. have provided scientific forensic evidence that explosives were used in the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7. Perhaps 10 tons and up to 100 tons. How did this material get into the buildings? Who put it there? Why was it not noticed or discovered while it was being placed?

Good questions to ask those responsible for the security of the World Trade Centers. That security company, formerly named Securacom and now named Stratesec, is in Sterling, Va. Marvin P. Bush, the president's youngest brother, was a director at Stratesec from 1993 to fiscal year 2000. Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United

What do the coincidence theorists have to say about all of this?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Consensus Reality


In this video, Jordan Maxwell explains the concept of Consensus Reality.

There are those who engage in the "consensus of reality" that is, "they have agreed that something is true, even if it isn't true." They live in a make believe fictional world created for them by their Masters.

Consensus Reality - as long as most sheople agree that something is true, then their world system continues to operate and that world is their reality.

When others come along, e.g., the "truthers" and expose their unreality, those who have agreed to the world their Masters have created for them, then form a consensus to agree to ignore these "nut cases," the "tin foil hat" wearers and continue with their own agreed upon reality. Remember when Bill Clinton, a master of creating and promoting the Consensus Reality world, was confronted by a "truther" about 9/11 being an "inside job?" What was Clinton's response? "How dare you! How dare you!" How dare you challenge the fictional world we have created for you. The response of the followers of the Consensus Reality world? Applause. Thank you President Clinton for keeping our agreed to reality intact a little longer. Those who applauded paid good money to hear one of the masters of their Consensus Reality reinforce their world paradigm and weren't going to be woken up by a "denier," someone who has not consented to their agreed upon reality. "The "hecklers" were removed from the Consensus Reality crowd." Watch and listen for yourself.
How Dare You!

Another example of Consensus Reality is the holocaust hoax. Those who have agreed that this is the consented reality, must fight anyone and everyone who attempts to expose the fraud of this unreality, with fact. So far, the only ones who are being imprisoned for their attempts at exposing or not going along with the consented-to-reality are the holocaust "deniers," those who "deny" the unreality of the agreed upon historical reality.

Those in this Consensus Reality world are known by various names, "sheople," "useful idiots," the "brainwashed," among others. You'll notice that those in the Consented to Reality world group of sheople, usually all agree to the same unreality - that is, the alleged holocaust, the 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory, denying that Zionists control all Western nations, the world's financial system is in Jewish control, etc. These sheople, who live in a world created for them by their Masters, accept the payment of onerous income taxes, the Federal Reserve System, the Ten Planks of Communism and will willingly embrace the New World Order, the ultimate Consensus Reality, like vines embrace a trellis.
See also: The New Truman Show

Everyone who refuses to accept this new agreed upon reality will be eliminated, like the Palestinians are being eliminated from Gaza for refusing to accept the agreed upon reality that Zionists are entitled to the entire land called Palestine, and even Greater Israel.

Barry Soetoro, who has been agreed upon as being a natural born citizen of the United States, even though the reality is otherwise, is another master of promoting Consensus Reality. "Change we can believe in," when in reality, there is no change. The only change being in the agreed upon reality of the sheople masses. Hope, when in fact, only those in the agreed upon reality world believe there is hope in the political realm for what is wrong with our world, as those in the real world know that it is the beliefs and actions of the Consensus Reality makers that is destroying reality. How audacious of anyone to question the message of hope the messiah of change brings. It has been agreed upon that in reality we are not in a depression, the future will be better, the bailouts will work, the economy will recover, the war in Iraq has brought peace and, if we all agree - if we can all consent, New Age like, we can bring about our reality.

Those of us in the real world, know better.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Cop Killer Didn't Like Zionist Control of Our Government



Going to be more of this violence for just these reasons: The Zionist controlling the United States government and trying to ban guns and create a police state. All in opposition to what the Founding Fathers established.