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Do not despise expounding of scripture, but scrutinize all things. Hold fast that which is right.

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

- I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Jews Totally Run Hollywood"

says Joel Stein. But Stein is upset - "I have never been so upset by a poll in my life." Why is Stein upset? Only 22 percent of Americans now believe, "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," which is down from nearly 50 percent in 1964. Stein also says, these lower figures "just shows how dumb Americans have gotten: Jews totally run Hollywood."

How Jewish is Hollywood?

Jewish media heads include:

News Corp. president Peter Chernin; Paramount Pictures chairman Brad Grey; Walt Disney Co. chief exec Robert Igor; Sony Pictures chairman Michael Lyndon; Warner Bros. chairman Barry Meyer; CBS Corp. chief exec Leslie Moonves; MGM chairman Harry Sloan; and NBC-Universal chief exec Jeff Zucker.

(Some of the most famous stars in front of the camera are also Jewish, as a recent CBS2Chicago slideshow demonstrates. Along with those more commonly known such as Billy Crystal and Steven Spielberg, famous Hollywood Jews include Harrison Ford, Adam Sandler, Michael Douglas, Sarah Michelle Gellar, the Gyllenhaals, Ben Kingsley, Kevin Kline, Kyra Sedgwick, Sean Penn, and many others.)

Stein writes, “The Jews are so dominant I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions of entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible achievement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC president Charles Collier, turned out to be Jewish.”

Despite the drop in numbers of Americans who believe Jews control Hollywood - from 50% to 22% in 44 years - and how dumb Americans have become, the Anti-Defamation League's head, Abraham Foxman, is troubled, but for a different reason than Stein: Foxman thinks the figure is too high. Foxman is troubled despite this lower 22% figure showing how successful Foxman and the ADL have been in deceiving Americans into believing that Jews actually don't control Hollywood. Foxman won't - I guess - be happy until every single American is completely and totally brainwashed into believing that Jews don't control Hollywood. Or get a "hate crime" law passed so he can force the last of us into silence about his deception.

Jews are good at deceiving others. They have deceived millions into believing that a Jewish holocaust occurred during WWII, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. To keep this evidence from the deceived public, men like Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf, among hundreds of others, are imprisoned in Mannheim Germany for refusing to be deceived and having their thoughts controlled.

Yes, folks, despite what Abe Foxman says, Hollywood and all that you see in the movies and television is controlled by Jewish interests: the scripts, the actors and actresses, the content, the production and the profits are all in Jewish hands. Virtually everything you see or hear emanating from Hollywood comes from a Jewish mind or goes through a Jewish filter. And another Jew, Joel Stein, is proud of that fact.

Stein concludes: “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street, or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

No wonder so much filth comes out of Hollywood which is used to undermine our culture. And no wonder Americans have become so dumb, how could they not when they spend so much time watching Jew 'creations' on the wide screen and on their 50 inch flat panel plasma HDTVs? How many divorces have gotten their spark from the wives sitting day after day and night after night watching the Jew filth pouring into their living rooms, extolling the 'virtues' of extra-marital affairs, marriage break-ups so women could 'find themselves,' promiscuous sex, male bashing, lesbianism and many other social ills?

Hey, you dumbed-down American reading this missive, shut off that Jewish filth and read a book. Yes, I said, "Read a book." May I suggest you start with, The International Jew, written back in 1920, by a non-deceived, non-dumbed down American, Henry Ford? He tried to warn us.


Anonymous said...

From the LA times article you cited. The ADL survey showed 59% of Americans think Hollywood execs "do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans," and 43% think the entertainment industry is waging an organized campaign to "weaken the influence of religious values in this country."

Anonymous said...

Too true. Also, see:


for the rest of the story.......

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