I Thessalonians 5:20, 21

Do not despise expounding of scripture, but scrutinize all things. Hold fast that which is right.

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

- I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.


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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Stocking Up On Spam


Although the missive Got Spam? posted back on October 1, was more tongue in cheek than advice, "This missive was done mostly in humor. I'd have to be near death to eat this pig food," it appears some Americans are keeping the employees at Hormel's Austin, Minnesota factory, producers of Spam, busily employed:

Employees are working flat out and next door the slaughter house butchers 19,000 pigs a day. “People are realising it’s not that bad a product,” said Dan Johnson, 55, who operates a 70ft (20m) oven in the factory.

Spam is a Great Depression food, having been invented by Jay Hormel, son of the founder of the company, during America's first Great Depression. It is only fitting therefore, that during the start of the Greater Depression, Americans are stocking up on Spam, as this coming depression is fleshing out to be much more severe.

Americans Buying Spam


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