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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why So Little White Nationalism in the United States?

Nationalism - defined as a sense of identity or unity among an ethnic group  that share the same culture, history, language and held together by a sense of kinship -  is rising in Europe but not near as much in the US.  I believe there are several reasons for this lack of interest in  nationalism (or ethnocentricity) in the United States, one of which is the geographical size of the United States, which I discuss here.

Most Americans don’t appreciate how large a land mass the United States occupies.  The total land area of United States is 9.16 million sq kilometers, (3,805,927 sq mi ) fourth behind Russia, Antarctica and China. However, unlike the United States, much of the land mass in Russia, Antarctica and China is uninhabitable or sparsely populated. Russia has Siberia (13.1 sq. km or 77% of Russia’s land mass but with just 27% of its population –or 40 million people). Antarctica is isolated and too cold. And China has the uninhabited 1.295 million sq km  (500,000 sq mi) Gobbi Desert.

Compared to most of the world’s countries, the habitable part of the continental United States is huge.

Because I lived five years as a White minority in South Korea and have firsthand experience living and working there, and now live in the state of Montana in the United States, let’s compare South Korea’s land mass to Montana, USA, before we compare the United States to European countries.
50 million South Koreans live on about 18% of their land mass, the other 82% is too steep for economic development. Geographically, roughly four South Koreas (100,210 sq km – 38,345 sq mi) will fit inside the land mass of the single state of Montana (380,800 sq km  - 147,040 sq mi - population 1 million) in the United States, which is about the same size as Japan. (377,944 sq. km – 145,882 sq mi - population 127 million.)
South Korea, a small ethnocentric homogeneous nation, will most likely never allow the influx of a large number of  non-Koreans within its borders. And if they ever did, many Koreans would soon be made aware of such an arrival of non-Koreans due to many factors, one of which is the small land area that comprises South Korea. The non-Korean immigrants would be living in and among the South Koreans, crowding  their housing, taking their jobs, attending their schools, driving on their roads, etc. From my personal experience, South Koreas will never allow a non-Korean intrusion to occur for this reason and because of their ethnocentricity.  
Going back to the Montana example for a moment, I know from personal knowledge that most Montanans are insouciant regarding the  United States’ non-White immigration problem.  I believe this is because the majority of Montanans have no firsthand personal experience living and working among non-Whites. Montana is 90% Caucasian and 7% American Indian who live mostly segregated from the Whites.
Compare this ratio to Arizona, with a land mass of 295,254 sq km (113,998 sq mi) and a population of 6,392,000 with a reported 60% Caucasian population. Montana has 23% more land mass and less than 1/6th the population of Arizona. With less land area for the non-White immigrants to live in, and a greater population, Arizonians are going to be much more aware of the influx of non-Whites into their state than are Montanans. That is why there is much more concern about the problem of legal and legal immigration among Whites in Arizona than there is in Montana. If there ever is a rise in nationalism among Whites in the United States, I would expect to see increased awareness of ethnicity to originate among White Arizonians long before Montanans become concerned about ethnic issues.
Let’s now consider the connection between nationalism and landmass of a few European countries as compared the United States. The United States is 17 times larger than the average European country. The average size geographically, of all European countries, is 534,000 sq. km. (206.18 sq. miles) France, for example is 545,630 sq km (210,688 sq mi) with a population of 66 million and Germany is 348,570 sq. km (135,236 sq mi) with a population of  80 million.

Is there an increase in nationalism in France? Indeed there is. Marine Le Pen is the leader of the increasingly popular party National Front, with the slogan, “The French Come First.” Believing the current French leadership have failed to stem the Islamist tide into France, she believes France needs to “defend itself in the war that has been declared upon her.” Marine le Pen and the National Front on the Rise in France

Germany’s landmass is 8.5% smaller than Montana but has 79 million more people residing within its borders. A 10% (8 million) influx of non-Whites into Germany will be noticed much more readily by native Germans than an influx of 8 million non-Whites into Montana would be noticed by Montanans.

As expected by the landmass size / non-native German population ratio found in Germany, we also find a rise in nationalism in Germany, so much so that some anti-nationalists are alarmed. The “far-right” group Pedida have been holding “Islamisation” protest throughout German cities including a recent 15,000 people strong “evening stroll” through Dresden. (notice how nationalists are often referred to by the controlled media as “far-right” and even “neo-Nazis?”) Pegida stands for Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West. Pegida slogans include “Zero tolerance toward criminal aylum seekers,” “Protect our homeland” and “We are the people.”   Rise of Nationalism Sets Off Alarm 
Let’s examine the situation in Greece. Greece’s landmass is 130 647 sq km. (50,942 sq mi – population 11.12 million) Greece, interestingly enough, does not collect data on ethnicity. So, it is difficult if not impossible to know what the demographic mixture of non-Greeks to native Greeks in Greece is. However, given the relatively small habitable land mass of Greece, it follows that any sizable influx of non-native Greeks into Greece will be felt much more acutely than the same number of immigrants were to invade Montana. Which is exactly what we are seeing now in Greece.

Because Greece has been “struggling with high unemployment” (nearly 28% in 2013 with 62% among those 25 years or younger) and “severe austerity measures enacted by the Greek government,” there has been an increase of nationalism in Greece in recent years. For example, there is the Golden Dawn party whose motto is “Greece belongs to Greeks.” The Greek government alleges Golden Dawn has been “involved in attacking and intimidating immigrants whose presence has increased in recent years.” Rise of Greek Nationalist Golden Dawn Party Coincides With Greece's Economic Crisis
Let’s have a look at another European country, Denmark. For the first time ever, the “far-right Danish People’s Party (DF) has come out of an opinion poll as the nation’s largest (political) party.” 
Danish Peoples Party Support Reaches Historic High.  The Danish People’s Party and the libertarian party Liberal Alliance (LA) have called on Danish authorities to stop welcoming refugees and instead send them on the plane to their country of origin.” In 2014, Denmark expects around 20,000 refugees to arrive in the country. Next year, some estimate the figure will rise to 50,000. The country’s authorities say Denmark can’t accommodate all of them, and in any case it would be "just a drop in the sea." Denmark Refugees Party Proposals
Denmark has a land mass of 43,094 sq km and a population of  5,627,235. Using our Montana comparison, Denmark is 11.3% the size of Montana with 5.62 times the population. Is it any wonder the Danes are saying they want no more refugees in their nation?

On the other hand, the influx of 20-50,000 or more refugees could be absorbed somewhere in the United States, in places like Montana, and most Montanans, along with the White Americans living in sparely populated states like Alaska, Wyoming, Utah  or Nevada, would hardly notice the refugees being in the state. That might be why recent illegal immigrants (euphemistically referred to as “Dreamers”) are being dispersed throughout the United States. Immigration Bill Before Wyoming Legislature Stirs Controversy
After the onrush of unaccompanied minors that streamed across the border several months ago, the Obama Administration moved quickly to disperse them throughout the country, often without notifying the states to which they were moved and making it almost impossible to trace where they were placed and with whom. After Obama’s executive action essentially stopping deportations and granting de facto amnesty to millions of illegals in the U.S., the states, particularly those on the southern border, are bracing for another flood of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country.”
States Sue Over Immigration

With the UKIP in Britain, the Catalan separatist movement in Spain, Italy’s Northern League, and the Allianze fur Deutschland in Germany, nationalism is experiencing a renewal in Europe.

However, this writer believes it will likely be only after millions of non-White “Dreamers”  flood into the United States looking for a “better life for themselves,” will there be a rise of nationalism among American Whites, with Whites putting the interests of White Americans first.

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Note: some dictionaries (or here)  define ethnocentricity or ethnocentric as "the belief or attitude that one's own group is superior." However, being ethnocentric does not necessarily mean that one believes one's  own group is superior, but just that one puts the interest of one's group ahead of other groups.  I love my family and the needs of my family (group) come first, but that doesn't mean I believe my group is somehow "superior" to other family groups.


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